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We bring you the best prices for Christmas tinsel to help add sparkle to your festive season.

You'll find tinsel in all shapes, colours and sizes here from major UK stores including Festive Lights, Wilko.com, Amazon, Party Packs, John Lewis, Argos, Tesco, Matalan, Ebay, House of Fraser, B&Q, Marks & Spencer and Asda.
Many of us can't imagine Christmas feeling complete without some glittery tinsel displayed in our homes.

You'll find it everywhere including pubs, school, hotels, offices and shops - some people even take to wearing a shiny tinsel hair wig to help them get in the Christmas spirit.

Tinsel is every bit as important as other festive features such including the Christmas tree, Santa sacks, Christmas crackers and the traditional Xmas wreath. Simple, but effective, if really has a place in the hearts of the British public and is as popular as ever.

Be it along a banister or a doorway, on the Christmas tree itself or simply wrapped around the walls, tinsel decoration is an essential feature at Christmas for many UK families. 

The variety of options is likely to keep you a little confused and definitely very busy sorting out what exactly it is that you would like to put up in your home this year.

Let's take a look at some of the types of tinsel, available, including stringy lametta tinsel and the long twirly garland variety, before you consider buying some from our extensive range. 

Starting with a cheap 8 ply royal blue, 2m x 10cm tinsel garland which is perfect for trees, windows and pillars in festive locations. You get the same thing in many other colours including gold, red, black, green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, white and silver.

Try the curly tinsel for adding a twist to traditional decorations - this is a bit more expensive at around £3, but well worth it for the beautiful effect it delivers. Other colours that you may find this one in include black and gold combo, silver, and red.

The facetted tinsel garland (2m x 75mm) is another interesting variation. It comes in a range of colours like black and gold, gold, gold and silver, red, red and black, mocha and bronze, royal purple, and silver. The price of this styish tinsel is a bit higher than the earlier range at around £4..

For a staircase, banister or an entire room at your home or at the workplace - and of course, for the Christmas tree itself - the 3m x 75mm 2 tone green tinsel garland is an excellent choice. 

The double toned look makes it come alive with the slightest movement like no other tinsel does. A little costly, yes, but totally worth the price of around £5 per piece.

The tinsel and disc garlands are a thing to look at, all shimmery and wriggly (with a bit of help). This unique tinsel garland comes in an equally interesting range of colours including gold and gold iris, iridescent white and iris, silver and matt green (you should really check this one out!), red and white, as well as in single colours like cerise pink, purple and red. 

These garlands are very impressive indeed and worth every penny you pay for the luxury of hanging them in your home.

If it's just your Christmas tree you wish to decorate, there is hardly anything more appropriate than the tinsel star garland that comes in black and silver, champagne, saffron, iris and white, red and gold, and holographic gold and silver.

All of these have delicate stars shaped out of foil embedded throughout their length - guaranteed to add extra sparkle to your Christmas tree whether you are using traditional candles or artificial lights. 

These normally cost around £6, which is not cheap but they do look stunning.

If you are looking for a less pricey tinsel option, try the slim star tinsels. They only cost about 75p and may be perfect for your tree and the type of decoration you have in mind. 

For your entire house, the star tinsel with a 90mm diameter is a great option. Try the multi-colour range or choose between traditional gold and silver - the sparkle of the stars will light up your home either way.

Additionally, there is a very nice range of delicate tinsel garlands if your idea of Christmas decoration is minimalistic. The plume effect garland (with clip for easy attachment) is a good example. This 50mm diameter tinsel garland costs £2.50 and can create a very unusual effect. 

Similar examples are Snowflake (£3.75, 90mm) and Mistletoe (£3.25, 80mm) tinsel garlands. Somewhat less delicate but no less beautiful is the feathered garland that comes for £3 and measures at a diameter of 70mm.

And finally, three unusual choices that might catch your fancy - the gold shimmer tinsel curtain - for doorways or as backdrops - is competitively priced at around £3 for a 90cm wide curtain, with a 244 cm drop, the tinsel ball and the tinsel bauble garlands. 

The multi-colour spectrolite ball garland is something you have to see for yourself to understand how good it can look in the scheme of your Christmas decorations, and only costs around £3.50. 

The bauble garland has a hefty price tag, but you might just fall in love with it. It looks unlike any other tinsel garland and shines with cone-shaped baubles that look like light bulbs and shine like bulbs too, when they catch the light. 

Admittedly it's pretty expensive at around £18 but it can really make your Christmas decorations the most unique and memorable - you'll certainly be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

Not many people know how the tradition of hanging tinsel as a festive decoration was introduced to the UK. Historians know it for a fact that 17th Century Germany began the tradition. 

It's possible that because of the connection between England and Germany during that period, the practice of hanging thin strips of silver and gold on Christmas trees to reflect candle light may have been adopted by the British.

However, there is no definite evidence to support this idea and it remains a conjecture at best. 

Some people also believe that tinsel decoration may be a fairly recent import from the United States during the 1930s. At that time, tinsel in America was known as icicles.

IN the 1950s tinsel garlands were actually more popular for adorning a Christmas tree than lights as they were less likely to cause a fire than the aluminised paper that articificial trees of the time were made from.

Modern tinsel is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film which is covered with a metallic coating and shredded into strips.

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